Faux Freckles

R 1,750.00

Faux freckles consists of tattooing natural appearing freckles or beauty spots with a semi-permanent pigment.

Light Coverage: In these sessions we are able to go on a freckle journey layer-by-layer.  Starting with a lighter & more natural layer, the client can see how it heals and add to them at each session

Full Coverage: In these sessions we are able to have the outcome of a freckle journey in one session, resulting in multiple layers of different dilutions of pigment, as well as, different shapes and sizes of freckles.

All freckles heal 30-40% lighter than when fresh; the semi-permanent pigment is designed to melt into your skin tone

✴︎ Minimal to Mild pain
✴︎ Topical Anaesthetic is an option 
✴︎ Approximately 1h30min

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Payne
Highly recommend Paradise Cosmetics

I’ve had tooth gems and freckles done here.

The team's attention to detail and commitment to creating the perfect look was outstanding.

The studio itself is immaculate and welcoming. It's evident that they prioritise hygiene and a comfortable environment for their clients.

The whole process was painless and surprisingly quick.

Jess Bond
"an ideal or idyllic place or state"

Paradise is exactly as the title to this review states.
Faux freckles were my ultimate dream and now my daily wear - i adore them.
Thanks Paradise for your heavenly and ultimate service and professionalism. Im addicted