Lash Lift

R 699.00

This treatment perms & tints your lashes from base to tip for a fuller and longer look; opening up the eyes. This creates low maintenance lashes as the tint will give you that mascara look. A great natural alternative to eyelash extensions. This treatment lasts from 6-8 weeks.

✴︎Mini Botox Serum now included with every service- nourishing oils and keratin to add moisture back into the brow hair for longevity of your service

✴︎ For fuller lashes
✴︎ Low maintenance

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Customer Reviews

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Cleo Black
The genius continues

Megs is the Harry Potter of brows and lashes- destroying bad lash and brow days the way Harry whipped Voldemort's ass. I feel like a whole human again when I've visited her🤎

Also, Truffle is excellent at her job as shop dog and should be promoted.

Best Lash Lift & Tint Ever!

Wow, what a truly lovely experience!
Megs was so easy to chat to and be around. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her industry, and her results speak for themselves - she creates art! This was by far the best lash lift and tint I've had, she was so attentive to detail and didn't rush the process. My lashes are lifted so beautifully and the tint is perfect, even along the bottom lashes! I would hand over heart recommend her to everyone! Thanks so much Megs for your amazing work, all your advice and the chats and laughs! Can't wait to see you again xx

No need for falsies

Very happy with my lashes! They look so long and almost not real but it's all natural, thanks to Paradise x