R 2,499.00

Pigment is scratched into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles. A semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows

✴︎ Defined, naturally shaped, low-maintenance brows
✴︎ Approximately 2h

✴︎Please note: Follow Up price only applies for clients who return within 3 months of their first appointment

✴︎ Aftercare requires at least a week of no wetting, washing or heavy sweating post-appointment

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Microblading - a gamechanger!

Thank you Megs for my beautiful natural brows - so happy with them! It is a game changer to just wake up & go with brows looking perfect & natural. Such a good experience xx

Jannes Hendrikz
Should've done this sooner!

I've been self conscious about my over-plucked 90s brows for many years, using brow pens to try to fill them in until a friend recommended Meg's micro blading. It's like a miracle! They look so natural and perfectly shaped, I feel like I have a new face. Thank you to Meg and her sweet dog, Truffles, for making it such an easy and relaxing experience.

Love it!

I have naturally very light brows and would tint them forever to add more 'definition' to my face. Looking into microblading for years, I found Megs and followed her on social media to observe for some time at first (I was nervous).
Let me tell you: best decision. My brows are super natural, defined and dont require a lot of maintenance anymore *yay* Megs uses really good ink (important) and makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. ♡
I find that pictures and videos help, added a picture 2 weeks after my first session

Obsessed with my brows!

I’ve been wanting microblading for ages but was always nervous because I am very particular and wanted really natural looking brows. After doing a lot of research I’m so happy I found Megs and Paradise. My brows have never looked better - incredibly fine hair strokes and a completely natural look. People don’t even believe that I’ve had microblading! Megs takes her time to make sure everything looks perfect and the salon is a beautiful and calm oasis. Obsessed with my brows and will recommend Megs and this salon to everyone!

Emma Hogg

I’ve been back to Meg twice now for my microblading and super happy with the results. They look full and very natural. I’ve just had them re-done, and you could still see the microblading strokes from 2 years ago that she did. Very knowledgeable and you can 100% trust her with your brows. Picture is 1 day after having them done.