Does Rubber Base Damage Your Nails?

🌟 Meet Our Newest Nail Artist: Kristy AKA Glitterellas! 🌈

Hey, nail enthusiasts! We're beyond thrilled to introduce our newest full-time nail artist, Kristy, also known as Glitterellas. With 16 years of nail artistry under her belt, Kristy brings a wealth of experience, creativity, and a passion for helping clients achieve fabulous nails. Today, we're sitting down with Kristy for an exclusive interview to delve into her expertise and discuss a burning question many of us have: Does rubber base damage your nails?

Demystifying Rubber Base:

First off, what exactly is rubber base? Kristy breaks it down for us. It's a thick gel designed to strengthen and treat brittle nails prone to breaking. Despite the name, there's no actual rubber in it! Instead, it's packed with extra plastisizers for flexibility, allowing your nails to bend without snapping. Kristy recommends applying rubber base thicker than usual base gels to provide that extra strength for weakened nails.

According to Kristy, rubber base isn't just a short-term fix. It's a fantastic alternative for growing your natural nails in the long run, offering better results than simply applying tips and crossing your fingers for a secure hold. However, she emphasizes the importance of choosing a suitable nail length and maintaining a good aftercare routine to avoid potential breaks.

Common Misconceptions and Damage Control:

Concerned about potential damage with rubber base gel? Kristy sets the record straight. Damage is more likely to occur with incorrect removal, self-peeling, or if the product is applied by an inexperienced technician. To ensure the health and longevity of your nails, Kristy stresses the significance of opting for accredited brands and skilled professionals familiar with the product.

Choosing a Safe Brand:

Not all brands are created equal, so Kristy advises clients to inquire about the brand their nail tech uses. Opt for accredited products to avoid potential health issues. If you've had allergic reactions in the past, don't hesitate to share this information with your nail tech. Open communication is key!

Longevity of Rubber Base:

Wondering how long rubber base lasts? While it has stood the test of time, Kristy recommends not exceeding four weeks of wear for any gel product, including rubber base. Taking proper care of your nails and following your technician's advice is crucial for maintaining healthy, beautiful nails.

Why Rubber Base Reigns Supreme:

Kristy's love affair with rubber base is no fling – it's a long-term commitment. Having tried numerous products throughout her career, she found that rubber base consistently delivered the best results for long, natural nails. As a former nail biter turned nail artist, Kristy attests to its reliability, especially for those leading active lifestyles.

Kristy's Artistic Passion:

When it comes to nail art, Kristy's enthusiasm is contagious. She loves intricate designs, whether realistic or animated. Fine details, she believes, can transform a design from ordinary to extraordinary. Kristy embraces challenging art concepts, stating proudly, "I'm an artist. What I see is what I can paint on your nails."

So, there you have it! Kristy, aka Glitterellas, is not just a nail artist; she's a nail enthusiast dedicated to bringing out the best in your nails. If you're looking for stunning, long-lasting results, Kristy and rubber base might just be your dynamic duo. Book your appointment today and let the nail magic begin! 💅✨

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